Since it’s inception in 2004, Praise Incorporated has focused on Christ and those that need and desire for their lives to to change. We concentrate on salvation allowing the Holy Spirit to move in a very special way, " A Sermon In Song". Many honors have been bestowed on us, thank you Jesus, but that's not our purpose. We have been in many states and countries to share what God has given us to share. 

Praise Incorporated wants their audiences to have a great time. They feel it's important. They also want first and foremost to present the gospel through what they call "Motivating Music." Each member of Praise Incorporated brings to the team his own unique background and abilities. 

“We hope our music has an effect on the lives of people wherever we go. That's our calling. That's our commitment. This philosophy has fueled this ministry from the beginning. We strive to keep the subject of the song, Jesus Christ, in the center stage. Singers will come and go, but God will never change or leave.”

Praise Incorporated – incorporating the praise of Jesus Christ in all we do.

Praise inc

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