Praise Inc has taken measures on multiple levels to ensure the oversight of its ministry and its endurance in faithfulness. Our structure of accountability is three-fold: (1) Pastoral Oversight; (2) a fellowship of supporting churches; and (3) a board of directors.

Pastoral Oversight Accountability

Given our place as a non-denominational organization that ministers in numerous types of churches- Praise Inc is under the oversight of a group of pastoral staff representing several denominations.

Church Accountability

In addition to being under the oversight of pastoral staff, we have also requested a number of churches to assist in both the counsel and oversight of Praise Inc. The principles by which these churches hold us accountable are as follows:

  1. Praise Inc will maintain an open-door policy with the churches in any and every aspect of its administration and ministry.

  2. Praise Inc recognizes that the churches have the right and responsibility to request any information or investigate any matter that would be relevant to the goal of accountability – doctrine, practice, ethics, finances, etc.

Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) (or non-profit) organization, Praise Inc has a Board of Directors to aid in directing and monitoring its activities.

The board members are:

  • Myrna Sam – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Deannie Rooney – Weatherford, Texas
  • Steve Sam – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Devon Zacharias – Houston, Texas