What words can one use to express the profound thankfulness for God's grace? I would love to share my story with each one of you! But, quite simply put, it’s too long for this space I am sure. If you would like to read my testimony or ‘My Journey’ as I call it- feel free to email me at the link below- I’ll be more than happy to tell you my story!

With that in mind, I will do my best to explain who I am & what I do here.  I have serve in many roles here for Praise Inc-but, most specific would be as the administrator. What does this mean? Well. No one really knows! Lol. But I’ll tell you what I do. I handle public relations, web management, social media integration & schedule management. I also fill in on the lead & baritone vocals when a sickness or scheduling conflict arises. This has been my role since I came on with The ministry to assist in its reformation.  Currently, I serve on the evangelistic speaking staff as well as my regular duties in operations.  Previous to this ministry, I served in youth, worship, & children’s ministries for nearly six years, As well as a group home parent for youth & children in state foster care.

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Current Studies:

Zacharias Institute- Christian Apologetics

The King's University- Master of Divinity 

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